A company with deep roots

Medical Plants is an offspring of a solid company, Cualin Quality S.L., with an ample track record in high-end agricultural production. Our knowledge, built up over more than 25 years’ experience growing premium-quality tomatoes, is one of our top endorsements as producers of medical cannabis. Indeed, some of the most successful medical cannabis companies today have a background in tomato-growing.

The reason for the successful transition is the fact that tomatoes and cannabis grow in remarkably similar conditions. The needs and challenges (including diseases and pests) essentially overlap. Our prior experience is, therefore, a guarantee of quality and know-how.

A cutting-edge greenhouse facility

Growing medical cannabis not only requires the right know-how: you also need highly specific facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology. Our greenhouses and work methods are designed to provide the optimal conditions for growing our crops and preparing our products and meet the most stringent standards (GACP and the European GMP guidelines). Our conditions and compliance effort ensure that the products we make will be pharmaceutical grade.

The world of medical cannabis. The patient comes first

Composition and consistency

The cannabinoid composition of our product will be adapted for the therapeutic use it pursues. We will grow the type of cannabis that corresponds to that composition, and we will ensure that every consignment is of homogenous quality.


We will search for the varieties that best suit your specific therapeutic needs and we will fine-tune our techniques to guarantee that homogeneity.


Product presentation is also a top concern. We will adapt it in keeping with prevailing preferences. Nowadays, the most popular presentation is the cannabis flower, but that could change in the future and we will make sure to keep up with patients’ demands.


To produce medical cannabis, it is necessary to provide a product that presents consistent quality, composition, physical characteristics and supply standards. Both company and product must have all the required permits and be audited regularly. At Medical Plants we have secured nearly everything required for the production of medical cannabis and we are committed to offering top quality, GMP-compliant products.

On 16 September 2020, the AEMPS (Spain’s drug and healthcare products agency), which falls under the Ministry of Health, authorised us to plant, grow and process medical cannabis flowers to obtain the batches necessary for validating the process of manufacturing active narcotic substances (cannabis) for medical purposes.


A skilled team of employees is tasked with the agricultural work.

We have highly qualified management who tap their deep experience to make sure the entire production process functions perfectly.

End to end, a skilled team is responsible for the labour-intensive agricultural tasks required throughout the entire harvest cycle.

Whether tiny cuttings or full-scale harvesting work, all the jobs require well-trained professionals who carry out their work with dedication and care.


Our greenhouses are constructed from state-of-the-art structures and are meticulously maintained on an ongoing basis.

Modern devices optimise climate control and the use of rainwater to deliver sustainable production.


Watering resources are guaranteed by a number of suitable reservoirs, which between them hold more than 430,000m3.

A partner for our journey

We are looking for partners who share our vision and work philosophy: i.e., companions who also prioritise product quality and patient needs. We are ready to associate with professionals keen to take part in a project of this nature, tackle new challenges and help us improve.

Could that be you?

Geographical location

Medical Plants is located in Almeria, one of the European regions with most hours of sunshine a year, a crucial factor for cannabis-growing.

Our ideal location, right next to Highway E-15, means we have exceptional road transport connections, enabling us to reach our target markets in Europe very quickly.



Los Llanos de Mojana s/n
(04628) Antas, Almería, Spain