New Player in the Spanish Medical Cannabis Landscape

By November 13, 2020March 31st, 2021No Comments

Medical Plants, S.L.U., a fully owned subsidiary of the high tech Spanish tomato producer Cualin Quality S.L., announces that the AEMPS (Spanish Drug and Healthcare Products Agency, attached to the Spanish Ministry of Health) issued the past September 16th 2020 an authorization for the cultivation of cannabis plants to obtain the necessary batches for the validation of the process of manufacturing active narcotic substances (cannabis) for medical purposes in its favour being one of the few authorized companies in Spain for those purposes.

The Company will start with a trial area to cultivate these validation batches of medical cannabis sativa of three different varieties to produce high quality cannabis flower for medical purposes in order to secure an EU GMP certification during 2021.

Medical Plants aims to be one of the most efficient and reliable suppliers of high quality cannabis flower across Europe and internationally reducing production costs and being able to sell its produce at very competitive price.

Cualin Quality, as the parent company, will cede to start part of one of its glass and climate controlled 8 hectares greenhouse and one of its storage facilities to be adapted for cultivation and flower processing as well as the necessary harvesting personnel and the economic resources to fund the greenhouse retrofit and facilities investments.

The Company will have the possibility of progressively retrofit Cualin Quality’s 40 hectares of greenhouses and facilities on a need basis as the market continues to develop and demand from clients increase and even raise new greenhouses in available proprietary land plots.

Cualin Quality ( is the leading Spanish high-end tomato producer with 40 hectares of state of the art glass heated greenhouses in Almeria (South East of Spain), the region with more hours of sunlight in Europe. Its management team and founders are Dutch and have strong technical capabilities due to their more than 25 years of experience in the agriculture business. With Cualin Quality’s know-how the greenhouse will be able to cultivate several harvests per year once the GMP certificate is obtained and definitive regulatory approval from the AEMPS, operating at the maximum efficiency level and with the flexibility to adapt to an emerging market.